I was saddened to learn of the passing of Michael O’Connor Clarke this morning. Michael was diagnosed with esophageal cancer earlier this year. His brave fight against this ravaging, aggressive disease has been chronicled on Twitter and other social media. As a leader in the communications, PR, and digital spaces, Michael’s battle was cheered on by so many caring supporters – the outpouring of love from his communities of influence is a true testament to someone who made a genuine impact in so many ways.

Michael’s influence spans many communities, and I was lucky to know him – albeit briefly in the grand scheme of things – as a creative inspiration, ideas partner, and sounding board.

Maybe you knew Michael personally, or maybe through his web of fans and friends. Maybe you had the pleasure of tweeting back and forth with him, as I did on several occasions where we brainstormed product launches and fundraising stunts. I was excited to join him in the fight against salt stains on trouser cuffs. šŸ™‚

The last time we had coffee, we were putting the finishing touches on the planning for an event called StockWould – a PowerPoint karaoke-type jam that would bring our people together in an evening of pants-peeing hilarity and participation for a cause. I’m sad that we didn’t have enough time to pull it off. But today I am grateful that I had the opportunity to bask in some of Michael’s shine – his generosity of spirit, his creative genius, his wicked wit, and his commitment to his communities.

Please consider a donation in support of Michael’s family.

Please donate to Esophageal Cancer Research in Memory of Michael O’Connor Clarke.

And let’s hug it out and feel happy that he was here. Much love to you all.