No, that's World *Domination*
Tomorrow is Thursday, the fourth of July, and I shall be departing my beloved Canadian soil for the hipsterrific scenes of Portland, Oregon. The occasion? Why, it’s the World Domination Summit, silly!

I’ve been busy practicing my lines for the inevitable moment when the handsome US Customs officer asks me where I’m going and mistakenly hears, as a result of my charming Canadian accent, that I’m heading down to attend the World Dominatrix Summit. Then he’ll have to inspect my carry-on bag for chains, whips, chips, and dips, and will be disappointed when he only finds a fresh Moleskin notebook and my sexy compression socks.

And if it doesn’t go that way, I’m still super excited to be part of the third instalment of this legendary event. Launched by author and biz thinker Chris Guillebeau in 2011, the event sells out as quick as a blink and I was lucky to snag a ticket. I’m heading there with new business partners who also hail from glorious Rossland. We’re launching a personal development platform/social fundraising initiative in the new year and WDS will be a brilliant place to test our messaging and convince brave beta users to Yodel along with us. The Summit purports to help people lead a “remarkable life in a conventional world”, so I’m eager to learn more about these so-called remarkables and how they pay for breakfast. I’m looking for inspiration tempered with a healthy dollop of reality, wrapped in a toasty tortilla of possibility. And food trucks.

It’s easy for me to feel swallowed up at large events like WDS, but the organizers have done a great job of scheduling some amazing sessions and workshops that will pull me out of my turtle shell. There’s a World Record Float Attempt on the Willamette River on Friday, food tours and meetups all weekend long, and parties and gatherings of all shapes and sizes. And food trucks.

So far, I’m most excited to see Darren Rowse, or @problogger, who is simply the best there is. Spoiled for choice really.

You can follow along at #WDS13. And snag your ticket for next year here.