Oh, the hilarity!
I came across this inventive new breed of form just the other day. It’s set up like a Mad Lib, which I love. The possibilities for form filling fun seem endless. If you’ve ever done a Mad Lib, you already know about the sidesplitting joy that “plural body part” can result in.

I’m a joiner. I sign up for a lot of stuff. I check the boxes. When they ask about my combined household income, I always select the largest amount (and then spend a day feeling guilty). I wonder why I never win, even though I gross over a million and have 6 teenaged dependents.

Every time autofill clicks in, my ‘puter sighs a bored, tired sigh.

What if you, dear company, invested some art into the form? What if you asked me what my favourite show tune is, and then sent me a YouTube video of the original cast? Maybe on my birthday?

What if I had the chance to tell you that my celebrity doppelganger is Carol Burnett (it isn’t), or that my secret vice is eating wontons (I’m a vegetarian)? Wouldn’t we then develop a more personal exchange – maybe one built on humour and delight rather than the usual demographics?

What if I didn’t have to agree to 12 months of spam just to enter a contest? Or tell you my entire employment history to download your white paper? Or agree to join your online community about….wait for it….toilet paper? What if you just tried a little harder to engage me, and learn about my preferences? It might take a little longer, might require some higher energy customer service investment, but I’d be willing to bet that our conversion exercise would be mutually beneficial. Because I wouldn’t resent you for a) boring me and b) treating me like data.

It would be an art form, and I’d probably tell someone about you (isn’t that what you want?), and I’d definitely remember that I signed up.

Seen a form that thrilled you? Signed up for anything memorable, where the signing up part was memorable? I’d love to hear about it.


The full report is ready for download. So are other local government action resources.