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Grab your monocles and rubber thimbles, friends, because it’s time to announce the SpaceRace 2011 Reading List.
We’ve carefully selected some top notch titles to work through this year. Some are brand new. Others are a little longer in the tooth, but all promise to bring insight to your marketing and communications practice.
Since we’re so fond of reading around here, we’ve decided to host a monthly SpaceReads on our UStream channel. It’s free to join, and you don’t even have to have read the book to participate. We’ll also look at the auxiliary materials developed to go with each book, including companion sites, video, and other related content. For each title, we’ll try to draw out 5 critical insights for discussion. We’ll post them ahead of time and during the live chat.

SpaceReads will happen on the last Monday of every month.

So without further ado, here are the selections (so far) for 2011:

January: Connected: The Surprising Power of Social Networks and How they Shape Our Lives – Christakis and Fowler

February: Macrowikinomics – Don Tapscott and Anthony D Williams

March: What Technology Wants – Kevin Kelly

April: Real Time Marketing and PR – David Meerman Scott

May: Designing for the Social Web – Joshua Porter

June – December: TBA (suggestions welcome)

I hope you’ll join us for a rousing knees up at 8 pm MST on January 31, 2011. Pants optional. Helmets mandatory.

The full report is ready for download. So are other local government action resources.